Monday, October 01, 2007

Progressive Story

Story Last Updated September/30/2007
NOTE: I have made some minor updates to posts, mainly to clean up typos and (oops) an errant name change for one of the characters. There was also a post or two that had more significant changes to help realign the plot between posts. It's funny how things don't fit together as well when you're just "shooting from the hip" rather than planning out the writing along the way. Anyway, all posts are now up to date (though I still need to adjust and account for Sam's voice changes) and new posts should be coming soon.
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OK, so there's a 'progressive story' going on. Use the links above to find the posts and read the story in order more easily. Please leave comments and let me know your thoughts/suggestions.


Chabalym said...

I've started reading. You have my attention. I'll come back soon with a full review.

Comrade Ravenhawk said...

I've read the first couple sections of your story and I'm pretty impressed. I like your style of writing and I'll definitely return to read the rest.

Kevin said...

Methinks you need to look up the word 'progress' in the dictionary ;)

Okie said...

Alright, alright...I get it...I need to post. ;)

Kevin said...

dum dee dum dee dum...hmmm....ahhhh....hmmm
Am I really keeping you this busy that you can't write a few paragraphs? I think you're brain is just turning to mush after your letdown from school being out! ;)

Kevin said...

Ok, how about this? BookWise wants to buy your story and put it on their site as a free eBook but you have to finish it first. No, really!
(will that make a difference?)

Anonymous said...

I`ve just started reading, I`m at the 3rd story