Saturday, June 09, 2007

Story 17

[NOTE: This is part of a progressive story. The first entry is here. Check the blog label 2007Story for all entries]

     Blake casually walked down the hall until he felt he was out of sight of the office doors before he pulled the blue envelope out of his backpack. He wasn't sure who would be sending him mail at the school. There was no indication on the envelope as to the sender. The whole thing left Blake slightly off balance. If not for the strange happenings of the past week, he would have written it off as some sort of prompting for the Homecoming dance. Even though the dance was boy's choice, some girls felt the need to coerce their desired beau into asking them. Blake already knew who he would ask and once things settled down a bit, he'd plan things through a little more.

     However, the lettering on the envelope was distinctly mail and somewhat familiar. Using a pencil as a makeshift letter-opener, Blake slit the top of the envelope and removed a single sheet of paper. A few postage stamps fell to the floor and as Blake bent to pick them up, he glanced at the letter. It was signed Arnold Johnson.

     Blake hurriedly stuffed the stamps back into the envelope and turned the corner into the library. Sitting down at a table, he read the letter to himself. Then he read it again. And again. It was short, but the message was unclear. Between the nonsense, there were a few things that made sense, but Blake was left largely confused.


Everything's well. Anyway, really, everything's doing awesomely nifty. I especially like chasing Arnie's Labrador.


Arnold Johnson.

P.S. - Meg's outside now downing a Yoohoo. Nifty, I guess. Hang tight.


     The school day was over. Blake shoved the letter back in the envelope and then into his backpack and started for the park. He hoped somebody would have some good news to share.

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