Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Story 12

[NOTE: This is part of a progressive story. The first entry is here. Check the blog label 2007Story for all entries]

     Blake arrived at school nearly twenty minutes early and slowly walked to his locker. He avoided the temptation to stop in the computer lab and pull up his website immediately to see what sort of information the tracking device was broadcasting. Instead, he hobbled through the school halls taking a rather aimless path to reach his locker.

     As he opened his locker, an envelope fell to the floor. He recognized Tony's handwriting. He pulled a note from inside and read:


     I have some news for you concerning the Commander, but first I have some troubling news that you should be made aware of. No action need be taken as everything is now under control, but you should know that Sam was arrested yesterday evening for breaking and entering the Johnson home. It seems someone saw him sneaking around the place and then saw lights on inside and called in an anonymous tip to the police who picked him up shortly thereafter. His father posted bail and Sam gave the plausible cover story that he was trying to meet up with Meg.

     For now things have blown over, but he is supposed to have an official hearing later this afternoon to try and avoid fines. However, he was also advised that he will now be the subject of a larger investigation related to the family's supposed disappearance and their stolen/abandoned car. I haven't heard anything from James as to whether he picked up the car or not. If he has not yet done so, we may want to advise him to delay his attempt. You should check in with him when you get the chance.

     Now, as to my news regarding the Commander. I have a meeting with one of his deputies right after school. Obviously my past experience will be both beneficial and detrimental to me. I will communicate the result of the meeting to you later. However, I have come to another conclusion. In order for me to be better accepted with the Commander, I feel it may be best to try and limit our visible contact in light of the fact that the Commander already has you under surveillance.

     I have full confidence that I will be accepted into the organization. Whoever the new Commander is, he would be a fool not to bring me in based on my history. However, because of my history, he will likely keep a close eye on me. And since he is already keeping an eye on you, it would best for both of us to maintain a relationship of acquaintance rather than friend, at least on the surface.

     You know how to reach me in case of emergency, but apart from that, please allow me to initiate all conversations. To that respect, I will send you a report later regarding my meeting.


     Blake slipped the paper back in the envelope and stared through the empty air in front of him. The noise of students arriving for school was slowly growing and soon the hall would be full. Blake admired Tony's ability to appraise the situation and determine the appropriate scenario. Blake had actually thought about the dangers of interacting with Tony while Tony was trying to infiltrate the Commander's organization. He was glad that Tony came to the same conclusion.

     Blake was bothered by Sam's arrest. More so than even simply because he was arrested. It was troubling to have a friend have an encounter with the law anytime. But it was more troubling knowing that he was responsible. Sam would have been safe if Blake hadn't asked him to go into the house. Blake had been to the house numerous times in the past week and found nothing. A new pair of eyes might reap results, but the risk was too great and Blake knew that. Worse, he had Sam go into the house the very day that Blake had discovered he was being watched by the Commander.

     If the Commander was involved in the Johnson disappearance, as Blake knew he must be, and if the Commander even remotely suspected that Blake was investigating the issue, as Blake was certain he also must, then it would stand to reason that the Commander would put additional scrutiny on the Johnson house in an attempt to catch Blake in the act and put an end to possible distractions. So logically, the Commander had posted someone to watch the house. That person saw Sam enter, called the Commander who then called the police.

     Blake wasn't worried about Sam. His father was a lawyer and could weasel Sam out of any legal jam that might result. Blake just hoped that Sam would forgive him for putting him in the position where such a thing could happen.

"Did you hear about Sam Spears?"


     Blake cocked an ear in the direction of the conversation happening a few feet behind him.

"He was arrested last night breaking into the Johnson place."


"Yeah. Trying to cover his tracks most likely. He must be the one who made them leave. You know how he was always after Meg."

"Yeah, makes sense. But why would he break in now?"

"Dunno. The guy never did seem too smart. But he can sure hit them three pointers, huh?"

     The pair laughed and proceeded to talk about basketball and the state of this year's team. Blake continued to listen as the voices faded behind him. He shook his head and grabbed his books for first period.

     Not only had he gotten Sam arrested, but the resulting rumor mill was going to sully his reputation. Blake felt awful. He had to talk with Sam.

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