Friday, February 23, 2007

Feb Story - 6

[NOTE: This is part of a progressive story. The first entry is here. Check the blog label Feb07Story for all entries]

     The rest of the day was uneventful. The Commander monitored Blake's wanderings via the tracking device he had slipped into his backpack. He noticed that Blake was using Mr. Call's note to his full advantage, leaving his classes between 5 and 10 minutes early and arriving a few minutes late as well.

     The Commander skipped out of his last class to monitor the virtual trail Blake left on the digital map on his computer. Blake meandered from class to class as though he had no knowledge of the layout of the school. He snaked through halls, often looping and backtracking rather than taking the most direct path between classes. Yet he wasn't slipping into any rooms or offices along his way. The Commander noticed no apparent rhyme or reason to his wanderings through the halls.

     Satisfied for the moment, he set the tracking device to continue recording Blake's motions through the afternoon and then the Commander turned his attention to more pressing matters. Homecoming was only weeks away. Most clubs and organizations were in the middle of fund raising campaigns and the Commander was no different. In fact, he relied on the clubs and organizations to raise his funds for him. He had direct representatives in most of the groups. Those were the easy ones. The trickier sell were the groups with no direct spokesman for the Commander. He had to remind them personally of the need they had for the Commander's services and the cost involved in those services.

     Scrolling through lists of students and organizations, he formulated his plan and got to work sending messages to some of his key operators. By next Monday, his office would be fully funded for the coming year with additional resources by Homecoming to ensure the growth he desired to leave as his legacy.

     A light beeping turned his attention from fund raising and brought the school map back to the forefront. It looked as though Blake was leaving school a few minutes early. The Commander watched as the little blip wandered out into the east parking lot and then moved out onto the road heading north. The signal lasted a few hundred yards and then vanished.

     The Commander debated for a moment before deciding to send someone to tail him. Blake might be an entirely superfluous distraction, but somehow the Commander felt that he was more than that. He had a feeling that Blake knew something about the Johnson family disappearance. And seldom were the Commander's feelings misplaced. Clicking a few keys, the Commander sent Jordan to find out where Blake went for the afternoon.

     He stared at the dashed lines on the school map indicating Blake's wanderings during the day, trying to make sense of them. Once again, coming up with nothing, he went back to the fund raising project, content that whatever Blake was doing, he would know about it soon enough.

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