Monday, October 23, 2006

Bend over and take it....then give me a present

Are you serious?!?!?!?

So, for those who don't know or don't remember, about 6 months ago I was victim to a heinous corporate shutdown. Corporate big wigs sent in a mafioso-style-hitman-type to lock the doors on us and smile all the way. The uncaring, unsympathetic attitudes went through the entire process of "separation." We were eventually allowed to recover our personal items from the building, but could only get "virtual" personal effects (files on computers, etc.) if we submitted requests in writing (I know some people succeeded in this...but I got NONE of the information I asked for...didn't even get so much as a reply to my request). The corporate folks supervising the situation (to be read as making sure we don't steal or destroy anything) had painted on smiles and forced tones of sympathy that made me want to puke.

Anyway, after a while, most of us settled into our new lives with new jobs and prepared for a new future. I know some people are still holding major grudges against Take Two...I know I'm not too happy with them still. Many have put the whole thing behind them and tried to move on., I got THIS email:

Subject: Indie tools (Prop, ICBM, Decepticon)

Hello everyone,

I hope this email finds you all well. I've been looking at the tools you guys wrote and used at Indie and I think there is some really cool stuff there.

I would hate to see these fall by the wayside and was hoping you could shed some insight on how to build and use them?

If you have any docs or notes, would you mind sending them to me? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


- Tim

I honestly could not believe my eyes. My initial reaction was a mix of absolute hysterical laughter and unbound fury. HOW DARE HE!!! How dare Take Two rape us violently and throw us aside and then come back 6 months later and ask for help with our "cool stuff" (which, by the way, we had been presenting to various technical high ups and pushing for a unified technical front throughout Take Two...all of which was ridiculously dismissed by many and forgotten when the bean counters got involved and prepped to lock the doors and wipe all data from the servers).

Why is it that corporations cannot see beyond the end of their nose and realize that in order to make money and prosper, they have to realize that there are actual PEOPLE with actual EMOTIONS and ABILITIES that need to be thought of. Things that look good on paper, do not always work out the way the paper suggests. Paper cannot adequately ripple and flow the way water does when a pebble is thrown in to try and solve a problem.

And with that...I would just add my hope that Take Two goes down in flames.

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Kevin said...

Maybe now you can join the rest of the "Take Two is the Devil" camp. You've stayed away far too long.
This is proof that life is stranger than fiction sometimes. Unbelievable, thanks for sharing.

I believe in karma and fully believe that they will get what they deserve.

I am still overjoyed that I never actually worked one day for that satanic company, Take Two Interactive.