Monday, October 30, 2006

The results of bending over and holding my ankles

Huzzah...I have successfully passed my first colon exam. I feel so proud. ;)

The procedure itself was VERY strange from my perspective. The whole thing is very blurry in my memory. Mainly, because they gave me some sort of forgetfulness drug...seriously. The drug (which I can't remember now) allowed me to (supposedly) stay alert during the procedure so I could answer questions ("Does this hurt?") and follow instructions (""Spread a little farther..."), but I have absolutely NO recollection of the event at all. As far as I know, I was asleep. I remember them starting the medication into my IV and having me expose my backside to the doc...but then the next thing I remember was seeing the doc over at a desk talking with Lynette and going over pictures.

Honestly, I'm glad I don't remember anything (if I had to be alert during the process, at least I don't have to forcibly repress the memories), but it still feels very strange.

Anyway, the prognosis is that I have a fissure in my lower intestine. There's not really much they can do about it (the step to try and "fix" it is to cut it wider and hope that starts the healing process), so the hope is that it will quickly heal itself, which, according to the doc, it seems to be doing.

Sadly, I didn't get a video to post for use in your Halloween parties as ultimate horror movies....but I can provide pictures on request. ;)


Kevin said...

Uhhhhh, pics of Okies butt...

Spare us please ;)

Glad you're not dying of shrinking bowel disease or something!

Okie said...

lol....not only pics of my butt...but pics of my butt from the inside out. ;)

But yeah, I'm glad I'm not dying of anything yet either. :)