Saturday, April 29, 2006

RIP...greetings from the dearly departed

Well, the writing has been on the wall and many of us have discussed it, but we all seemed to think it was still a ways off and still within the realm of being saved or at least postponing death. Sadly, a mafia style assassin proved us wrong.

Thursday evening, a corporate big wig walked into my place of employment for what was supposed to be a spot check style meeting with the pres of the company. Abruptly and without warning, he instead informed our prez that the studio was closed, took his entry badge, changed the locks, locked down the servers and shut everybody out. News went out to us employees quickly and urgently...there was much shock and people are still reeling.

Even though I had recently brushed off my resume and started handing it out (even had received a couple of job offers prior to this news), I'm still in a daze and trying to figure things out and determine where to go from here. My plan was that when I left it would be on my own terms...Despite my comments over the years that I just planned to "ride this wave out and see where it takes me."

Well, the wave has crashed down hard on a corral reef and 70 some-odd employees are in the lurch, getting churned around in the undertow. We had a very talented group and I have no doubt that everyone will be alright...but it's always odd when things like this happen, and more crazy when they happen the way they did.

Oh well, life goes on....right?


Kevin said...

Sorry and congratulations. I'm glad you're finally away from that place. Even if it wasn't on your own terms. You WILL be much happier even if things are challenging for awhile.

Jinx said...

HOLY CRAP! Seth was at our softball game Thursday night just as this was happening I suppose. I am so sorry that you lost your job, bud. I really hope that you get another one soon that you'll be happy with. Give me a call if you need any help. 563-5826

Drogo said...

Oh wow... Nice to know the game industry hasn't changed much - sucks to hear dude. Welcome back to the real world though - I'm sure that soon enough you'll have another job, although it will probably take a while to get used to the fact that the work day does actually end out here :)