Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm not a doctor but I play one on TV

This is absolutely ridiculous in my mind. He made the Hall of Fame because he was a good actor? I acknowledge that Saving Private Ryan was a pretty good flick and that Tom Hanks did an alright job (trust me, even that much of a compliment takes a lot for me since I absolutely despise Tom Hanks' acting style).

But to induct him into the Army's Ranger Hall of Fame seems like a bit of a stretch. Even the best of actor's will usually be the first to admit that they're still JUST ACTING. I don't want an actor flying my plane because he happened to do it so well on TV...or slicing into me for a surgery because he won an Emmy for his performance on ER. Nor do I feel they should win awards or accolades such as a hall of fame induction for their efforts in PRETENDING to do the same job that the real hall of famers do.


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Kevin said...

I agree. At least he is an 'honorary' member and they didn't try to slip a 'real' membership by us ;)

It's all about PR these days. Look at all the 'eyeballs' they are getting for their cause because they chose to do this! And you're helping! Double ugh!