Monday, October 02, 2006

An article on a child's world

Kind of amusingly, shortly after I made my post about the rising youth/school violence in the world and blaming it on parents...I read this article.

It talks about the need to let kids be kids and to have actual play time rather than being forced to handle childhood on their own while adults live in their own world...I see this (adults being adults only rather than being parents to kids) going one of two directions....either the kids are ignored and go do their own things without adult supervision (usually getting into trouble...definitely not learning proper morals/boundaries)...OR...the kids try to grow up to fast and become mini-adults just so they can spend time with their adult role models (parents) and as a result lose out on childhood and/or fail to develop mental/physical skills they would learn through childhood activities.

I'd be interested to read more of this talk and to see how the public/country/parliament/etc. reacts to his talk and to the proposed legal changes.

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