Monday, October 02, 2006

School violence...My opinion?

OK, so I know this can't ALL be because of me...but friends and family keep hounding me every time a new report comes out with questions like "Are you sure you want to be a teacher?" or "Why do you want to work in a school?"

Last week we had two (or was it three) school attacks in the US (plus wasn't there one in Canada and one in the UK?) - first a murder/abuse/suicide in Colorado and later a principal being shot in Wisconsin.

This morning, there's a gun report at a school in Nevada that shuts things down for a search and then over in Pennsylvania there's a shooting at an Amish school with three girls dead.

I made a post a bit ago about a teacher (non-US, I forget the country) beating a student to a pulp and then throwing her out the window and there are constantly reports of physical (sexual) abuse in school. This is obviously a worldwide problem, but why is it becoming so bad?

My opinion (and I know this isn't a 100% answer) is that the majority of the fault lies with the parents. I constantly hear the argument that the media is to blame (be it movies, music, video games, magazines, books...whatever) or that society is to blame (by teaching poor morals and bad ideas). However, it is the PARENT'S responsibility to raise their kids and help them to understand what is right and what is is their responsibility to protect and shield them from influences that will drag them into destructive behavior and to teach the children how they should handle situations where they are exposed to such influences.

I admit that it's impossible to raise a perfect kid...but I know WAY TOO MANY parent's who are letting society raise their kids and then blaming society for all the problems. If parents fail to properly parent their kids, they have no right blaming anyone else but themselves for the problems they encounter.

I am horrified for the day when my road (which has been under construction all summer but is generally a fairly busy road) is opened again. We have two neighbor girls (aged ~3 and ~6) who are 100% without supervision. They roam the neighborhood without any parental knowledge. I've seen them playing on construction equipment, digging in flower beds of neighbors across the street, riding their bikes in front of oncoming traffic (which is fortunately infrequent and slow...for now).

We had a birthday party over the weekend and invited one of the girls over. She knocked on our door every 20-30 minutes asking if it was time for the party...we told her to just ask her mom when it was 1:00...she said that her mom is always asleep during the day and gets mad if they wake her up. I've never had any conversation with the mother, so I don't know her work situation. I know she's a single mom trying to make it and I know that can be very difficult...but I'm terrified that her lack of supervision is going to result in one of these girls being hit by a car or kidnapped or worse...

That is probably the most extreme situation that I have personal experience with, but I know of many other situations that are similar enough....too many parents are not 'parents', but rather adults who have had kids and either don't know what to do with them, or just do nothing with them.

As a result, kids grow up without morals, without rules, without boundaries and as a result, their anger becomes irrational violence such as these school shootings.

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