Monday, October 09, 2006

More about BookWise

OK, as promised, here's another few quick words about BookWise. In addition to my own words below, you can read the FAQ on the corporate website which does a much better job of explaining things. And remember that if you do anything on the site (sign up, request info, etc.), be sure to reference my ID 101904. Thanks. :)

First, what is BookWise?
It's a new "book club" founded by author Richard Paul Evans. It's not a "reading group" book club per se. Nor does it follow the model of "Oprah's" book club. Rather, this is a "club" that gives you great discounted prices on books (at or BELOW the prices). Not only do you get great deals on the books, but you are an authorized reseller...meaning, you can mark the book up another few dollars and sell them for profit (below brick & mortar retail prices).

What's the business model?
BookWise uses a network marketing business model that allows you to make money in addition to just purchasing books at a great discount. You can sign up Preferred Customers who can shop the BookWise site and get the same great deals as you...and YOU earn a commission on their purchases. You can sign up people as members so that they too can earn commissions and (as you may know from your knowledge of network marketing) you can earn a commission on their purchases and the purchases of their customers.

So...What is BookWise?

It's a cool new model for a "Book of the Month" club...where you can purchase books at great prices (below deals) and even make money doing it (the model is set up such that you can quickly be getting your membership and monthly book orders for FREE just by having three other book lovers decide to become members).

For network marketers looking for differences in this plan and others, go read the FAQ...You should also know that this is the GROUND LEVEL (they officially launched last week).

For network marketing skeptics...know that I am there with you. I have been burned by network marketing plans in the past and have been doing some research over the past 6-7 months into the various plans out there (due to my position in my new job). I heard murmurs about this one a couple of months ago and the more I looked at it...the more I realized that THIS system makes sense. Not only is the pricing right for the membership and the products, but the product is actually something people WILL purchase and WANT to purchase. It's much easier to talk to somebody about how cool it is to buy books than it is to talk to somebody about buying something to help fix a rash or joint pain or to wash their clothes.

Anyway, check out the corporate site...glance through the faq...and then let me know what you think.

If you're interested in signing up as a member or a customer, let me know...and be sure to reference my ID (101904) in any sign-up or communications with the corp site.

Thanks. :)


Kevin said...

I have a hard time believing 'this' one is any different.
If it looks like a duck...

Keep updating on your experience. I am curious to know if it really becomes something good for you.

Oh, and I worry about the book selection. How are you finding that for you?

Okie said...

That was one of my initial concerns as well. Honestly, since the company has barely launched, their book selection is definitely not as extensive as an established site/company such as Amazon. They have a smaller selection of books currently than I might have hoped, however I was reassured to learn about the discussions that are going on right now with major publishers to get them on board as well. It makes business sense that as the customer base and order quantities grow, the book selection will grow and prices have potential to drop. I know that a lot of that has to be taken on faith, but I personally have great faith in the potential here.

On a positive note for the immediate catalog (and yes, that was one of my initial questions and I wanted to see the catalog prior to signing up), three of the books I had looked at for potential gifts this Christmas were on the list: The Thirteenth Tale, Water for Elephants, and (of course, considering the CEO) Finding Noel..

Also on the list is John Grisham, James Patterson, Robin Cook, J.K. Rowling, Danielle Steel, and Sandra Brown. They have a "classics" section that I hope will expand but currently features 'this month' Great Gatsby and Farewell to Arms.

Again, the book selection isn't huge...yet...but I have great faith that it WILL grow and be impressive.

They have promised that in the next month or two they will have Books on CD and they're working on getting some Spanish publishers for spanish language and latino culture books.