Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to my little princess

Last weekend my little girl turned 7. It's hard to believe. For her birthday party, she invited over a bunch of her friends for a fun filled princess tea party followed by a visit from a special guest…Rapunzel (invited through Princess Parties).

The girls were all so cute and wonderfully well behaved. Some were dressed in their own princess outfits. One even had her own long Rapunzel-like braid.

The girls started off with a meal fit for little princesses…finger sandwiches (ranging from turkey, to PB&J to "fluffer nutters"…which is Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Cream…a little too much for me). Along with the sandwiches were platters of fruits and veggies and some yummy dip made by the queen of our castle. And for added sweet goodness, there were classy looking cookies and punch.

After lunch we did the unwrapping of presents…at which my own princess made out like a bandit, lucky girl…followed by a game of Mind Reader and some reading of Rapunzel's Revenge. We didn't finish the book though as someone caught a glimpse of a long haired maiden walking up the sidewalk which elicited giggles and plenty of excited little shrieks.

Rapunzel came in and complimented all of the girls on their wonderful princess-like beauty. She taught them charm and etiquette and the various manners and other things that a good princess needs to know and remember. Then they played a guessing game where she sang songs from some of her other princess friends and had the kids guess which princess it was and tell a little of their story (songs & stories a la Disney style).

Rapunzel posed for pictures with each of the girls and then brought out her craft basket to help each of them make their own special princess crown. Afterwards, she introduced us to her friend Pascal (or rather a stuffed version of Pascal, because he gets nervous around crowds) and we played a hide-and-seek game with him.

When Rapunzel finally had to go, all of the girls greeted her fondly and wished her well. Everybody had a great time and chittered and giggled for the next little while before their parents came.

Overall it was a great party and once again I can strongly recommend Princess Parties for the wonderful job they do in bringing wonderful charm and atmosphere to create a fun party.

Happy Birthday sweetie. :)

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Unknown said...

Happy birthday, what a great party. We actually had my girl's party (6) at AC Moore (her choice) we had a room in the back and the kids did crafts (which we bought so we had some control on the costs).

I always tell my wife that if our little princess caught up to the fact that with a kiss and a smile she can get her old man to do her bidding we'd be in real trouble.

Brian Miller said...

so cool man...happy birthday to your little one...enjoy every minute of it...

Phoenix said...

Aw, how adorable! What a sweet post (and what a thoughtful father you are)! I'm sure she had a wonderful time and she will remember this birthday for a very long while.