Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Writings # 45 - Evading Fault

Welcome to my weekly "Wednesday Writing" post. These weekly exercises serve as motivation to ensure that I spend at least 30-60 minutes each week doing some creative writing. In the ideal week, I will write every day. But at the very least, I will do at least one writing segment which I will share here on my blog.

These are very quick 'free write' sessions without editing, planning, etc.

I invite and love feedback - criticism, praise, whatever.  Just let me know what you think.

I do this equally for myself and to share.

This week I decided to experiment a little with form/voice/etc. Let me know what you think


Evading Fault

Yes I can keep it secret. Can YOU keep it secret?

OK. Good. So, what do we do about it? We can't tell anyone about it. And we can't let mom or dad find out. But what do we do?

I still can't believe you opened the door. What do you mean it's my fault? If you hadn't opened the door and let him in, there wouldn't be any problem!


You're right. We can fight about this later. Right now we have to figure out what to do. We can't leave him here. But where do we take him? Maybe we should call Ben. He'd have some ideas and he's stronger than us. He could help us lift…

Alright. ALRIGHT! Just the two of us.

Do you think you can drive dad's car? If we wrap him in a blanket or something we could carry him out to dad's car and drive him somewhere.

I don't know where. Somewhere. Anywhere!

Once we get rid of him, then we can come back and clean up the kitchen.

So what. Bring your learner's permit. If we get pulled over, the least of our problems is you not having a license.

I know dad's car is a stick.

Well, how hard could it be?

No I can't do it.

'Cause I can't reach the pedals well enough to push in the clutch. It's gotta be you.

Alright. Then what do you suggest?

You actually think they won't see him outside?

Yeah. Okay, we'll both distract them and keep them from going out back. But what about when we try to sneak him into mom's car?

They don't sleep THAT soundly. Plus then we've got Sarah to deal with. You know she won't keep quiet. I still say we do it now. Maybe we could throw him over the back fence.

There's never anybody home there. Not since she went to the hospital.

What? No!

Yeah, but breaking the window won't help.

Why would somebody smash in the window just to steal him?

Let's leave the door open instead.

Yeah, but we're going to get blamed anyway. I don't want to have to pay for the window too.

No way. You break the window and I'm out of here. You can deal with him yourself.



So go get a blanket and let's get him out back. I'll make sure nobody's in Sam's yard.

Fine. Just hurry!

Sam's yard's empty. Come help.

Ugh. He stinks. Why does dad love him so much?

Whoa. Gross! You broke his arm off. Just keep going. Hurry.

Watch out for the door.

OK. Yeah. Probably over there by the corner. We can pull over the chair.

OK. Now you climb up and I'll push.

Ready? Well hurry. Ready?

OK. Here we go.

Yuck. That sounded gross. Hahaha. You're a mess. He totally slimed all over your shirt.

Ugh. Gross. I hate you!

Fine. Fine. Let's go clean up. But once we're done, you're dead.

You start scrubbing over there and I'll get rid of these other big pieces. We should probably vacuum too.

Fine. I'll scrub. But you're the vacuum.


Finally. Yuck. I'm sticky all over.

Yeah, well shut the door next time.

OK. Let me change my shirt and then we can go.

Don't forget to leave the door open. No, just a little bit so it looks like somebody closed it maybe. Yeah. That looks good.

Come on.


"David? Max? Your dad's on the phone."

I'll get it.

No I won't.

Shut up!

Hi dad.

Yeah, Max is here too. Is it time to come home?

No. I'm pretty sure we shut the door. Max was the last one out.

Ow. Stop that.

Max, did you leave the door open?

Max says he closed it. Yeah, he's sure. What's the matter?

What? Are you sure?

Well, yeah. I guess. But who would steal Chief?

OK. Yeah. Yeah. We'll be there in a few minutes.

OK. Bye.

Shut up! He could still find him. Come on. He wants us to come home.


Yeah dad! It's us! OK. We'll be right there.

Just shut up. It'll be fine.

Ow. Stop that Sarah! Yeah, hi dad.

Um, yeah. It does look pretty good.

Maybe. I think mom vacuumed this morning.

Oh. Well, maybe whoever stole him did it.

Shut up Max, you don't know. Maybe he did.

I don't know…whoa. Where did you find that?

Why would they take Chief and leave his arm in the garbage.



No. No. I love Chief.

Yeah. I…


What? Yeow. No. I don't know! Ow ow ow. I'm going. I'm going!


I told you they'd find it. We should've taken him in dad's car.

Yeah, but I forgot that Sarah likes to play over there.

How were we supposed to hide him better? How do you hide a ten foot wooden indian?

Shut up. It's not my fault. No it's not.




Yeah. Sorry dad. OK.

Yeah. We'll be quiet.


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logankstewart said...

Very fun. I liked this experiment; great job with the one-sided "dialog".