Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Best of 2010 - Books, Shows, Games, Life - Okie's recap

Time for my own "best of" lists for 2010.

Because of lapses in memory and just silly oversights, I really don't expect this to be considered totally comprehensive, inclusive or definitive by any means. This post is me looking back at the past year to come up with some of my favorites from the year in terms of people, books, shows, games, events and events. I don't have any TV, music, news, weather, animals, etc because frankly from my perspective and knowledge, I don't have enough to choose from to narrow down to a "best of." If you have other favorite categories from the year, I'd love to see/hear/read them. :)

If you disagree with my lists…great. If you felt like you were part of something that "should" have been my favorite, I apologize for neglecting to mention you…I'm sure you were my favorite but I just left you out so as to not make everybody else feel bad. ;)

Anyway, without further ado, here's my totally random lists.


OK…I have to just say that I absolutely love my wife and my family!!! And this year has been even more fabulous in bringing that realization to the forefront. Thank you Lynette for making this another fabulous year and for being so absolutely wonderful in everything you do. You really are my favorite person! And thanks to my kids for making each day a joyful new experience by bringing exciting new perspectives to life.


So my annual goal each year is to read ~1 book/week or ~50 books/year. This year I read and reviewed 44 books. I certainly read more than 50 books if I include the various kids' chapter books and picture books I read, but I had to draw the line somewhere so I didn't include any book less than "middle grader" in reading level (though if a younger book is especially noteworthy, I'll probably mention it in the future). So of the books I read this year, here are the top books that especially resonated with me (with these in no particular order):

Movies & Shows

I didn't see a ton of movies this year, so trying to trim the list to my favorites was somewhat difficult since I was already fairly picky about what I watched and thus had already eliminated movies I didn't think I'd like. While I didn't see a ton of plays this year, I figured I'd include plays in this list since sometimes I'd rather go to a play than a movie.

Anyway, I really enjoyed (perhaps more than I expected):


I was able to attend the Utah Board Game convention this year (in a slightly different format) and play some new games there. I didn't play much in terms of new video games per se, but did some playing of older games as well as one new release. So here are my top games and/or gaming sessions:


No intro, just a list:

So there you have it...the things that to me were most memorable/notable in 2010. What about you? What tops your list of memories for the past year?


Brian Miller said...

nice...cool that your fam is your fav people...the only book on the list i have not read is the hunger games but keep hearing good things...do need to check out some of these movies/shows though...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I see we have some movies and Starcraft II in common!

Phoenix said...

I absolutely LOVED Easy A (but you already knew that) and Toy Story 3. Sorry, I'm very behind on your new Wednesday Writings! I need to catch up!! :)

Okie said...

@Brian - Hunger Games was a lot of fun. There's a ton of hype which made me nervous, but it was still very enjoyable.

@Alex - Starcraft 2 is faboo...I need to buy it one of these days :)

@Phoneix - I fully understand falling behind...I've slacked on reading/blogging the past couple of weeks...trying to catch up. Thanks for reading. :)