Monday, April 05, 2010

Wil Wheaton talks about imagination, friendship, gaming & more

Below is a cool keynote from Wil Wheaton at PAX East last week. It's lengthier than your standard bite-size-you-tube clip, so prep yourself for an hour or so of watching. It takes a couple of minutes to get going, but it has a great overall message.

He talks about his childhood and experiences growing up. Over at his blog, he gives an excerpt that sort of epitomizes the message he's trying to send.

Gaming is the foundation of the best friendships I’ve ever had, and it’s the mortar that has held my group of friends together for almost 25 years...
When you play a game - any game - you’re using your imagination to bring a world to life, and that’s truly special, because while all destruction is essentially the same, when you create something, it’s different every single time. When you create something together, you’re building bonds with your fellow gamers that could last for your entire lives. The Venn Diagram of my best friends, my gaming group, and people from high school I still hang out with is one perfect circle. I suspect that for many gamers of my generation, that’s equally true...

I'm all for the power of gaming to bring people together. Gaming definitely increases brain power in many ways...from creativity and imagination, to strategy and analytical analysis. It creates social environments for people to interact by increasing those same skills.

Of all the many things I collect and hobbies I engage in, my game collection is the one I'm most excited to bring out and share with family and friends.

So, pop some popcorn and listen as (Wesley) Wil Wheaton talks about imagination, friendship, gaming and more.


PAX East 2010 - Wil Wheaton Keynote from Matt Waldron on Vimeo.

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Phoenix said...

So I'm gonna openly out myself here and say that I play D&D with a group of guys once a month and it's pretty much the highlight of my weekend. Will is right....working together to build and create something with friends is an amazing feeling.