Monday, April 05, 2010

The Future of Publishing

Check out this cool video on the "future of publishing." I've seen similar poems/videos before. Aside from the creative style, this has a cool message I felt like sharing. Enjoy.


Phoenix said...

I like this! I am one of those who is avoiding kindle because I like the smell and feel of books and paper and leather in my hands... God Save the Published Word! :)

Okie said...

I agree. I much prefer a "real" book to a digital one. I've tried ebooks on my PC, on my iPod, on a friend's Sony reader and on another friend's Kindle. Of the different readers out there, Kindle is the one I preferred, but I still can't bring myself to make the jump. I'm told that the iPad books look great as well.

I do have to concede one slight advantage to the digital that I recently encountered...that of traveling. I went on a business training last week and I took 7 books with me...two in my carry-on and 5 more in a bag I checked. It certainly would have been MUCH more convenient (and less 'back-breaking') to have had a single device to carry.

However, once I got down to the activity of reading, I would have certainly missed the actual book in my hands and the physicality of turning the pages.

Fortunately, I don't travel a lot so I don't see this as a major dilemma for me. The bigger downside would be that when I do travel, I'm not sure (until I actually pack the bags) what book(s) I want to take with me. As a result, I wouldn't likely have eBook versions of the titles I want to read...and would be forced to purchase them AGAIN if I wanted to take them with me. Unless it was a book I absolutely love, I doubt I'd be willing to make the investment. And since most of my travel reads (and actually many/most of my general reads) are books I haven't read before, I certainly wouldn't want to pay for the book twice without any idea of whether I actually like it or not.

So yeah, I'm an ink-and-paper reader and plan to stay that way as long as I can. Fahrenheit 451 was a scary prospect for me...but going to an entirely digital book world is equally scary.