Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

(the song linked here is the official soundtrack for this post)

I know it's only been a week or two since my last blog post, but in the world of the Internet, I may as well be dead, right? Life has been really hectic lately but I'm finally getting back on top.

So first, I'll give a brief recap of the past few days. Then I'll try to get back into a normal writing cycle which I'll explain in an upcoming post.

While I was posting my last post (which was slowly written over the course of 3 days) I was playing Mr. Mom while Lynette was off at trek. Meanwhile, there was a ton going on at work, so I had to call in to numerous meetings and try to keep myself organized while still trying to be a good dad and take care of the home. It was a crazy week. Friday and Saturday I worked hard to make sure the kids and I got the house clean so Lynette could come home to a nice clean relaxing house.

She got home Saturday and we were all super glad to see her and have her back. She had a ball on trek and would love to go again. Unfortunately, her legs don't seem to share the same enthusiasm. He hips and knees were completely achy when she returned (which is natural considering they hiked ~26 miles). But the pain didn't go away and on Monday our doctor (who rocks) diagnosed her with tendonitis...and told she needed to stay off her feet for the next 2 weeks. YIKES...that's easy to do with 3 kids running around.

At the same time, we took the car in to the mechanic because it's been making a knocking noise. Turns out our rear axle was cracked in two spots and ready to break. After a week without the car (which helped keep Lynette off her feet since she couldn't easily go run errands) and $1k, we got the car back and it's running smoothly. Sooo glad we got it fixed before our trip to Yellowstone in 2 weeks.

Work has been crazy with a couple of major updates to key projects. After some pain and delay, we finally got some traction and were able to release some updates so we can put a few things on the shelf and move forward. We've still got a couple of big deadlines ahead of us as well as some ambitious scheduling for coming weeks, but at least things are staggered a little bit now.

Church activities have been busy as well. For some reason we had tons of service assignments this month, some due to Pioneer day but also a bunch of others. I took a couple of them and we were able to get others to help fill them, but it was a little hectic trying to get everything covered.

Through the past few weeks I (sadly) slacked a bit on planning for our July Pack Meeting (which is tonight), so I'm nervous that it won't be as good as it should be, but hopefully the kids will still have a good time. More on that later (tomorrow?).

From a high level, it doesn't sound like that much has gone on. Which makes me wonder why I feel so frazzled/stressed/tired. Hopefully after Pack Meeting tonight, I can take a breather for a day or two and get back on track.

As a bonus, here are some pix from the 4th of July festivities including Cinderella, BBQ, Fireworks and salmon throwing. :)

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