Tuesday, July 07, 2009

4th of July adventures

Ugh...Well, I would be posting pictures from the 4th of July weekend, but alas, my computer has decided not to cooperate.

Monday evening, I hopped onto my computer to offload pictures and make a post. Unfortunately, Firefox crashed every time I opened it, so I figured a reboot was in order. After rebooting, it continued to crash. I tried to uninstall but was told I had to be logged on as an Administrator to do that (which came as a surprise since I was logged on as an admin). So I ran a virus scan. An hour later, nothing was found. So I setup a scan disk with sector scan/recovery and rebooted.

I came back to see my login page waiting for me. I waggled my mouse, and nothing happened. I tried to use my keyboard, and it wouldn't respond either. I rebooted and found that I could use my keyboard to get into my CMOS and validate settings, but when I let it continue booting to Windows, neither my keyboard or my mouse work. Sadly, it's been a while since I did a good full backup of the system, so before I flash/reinstall, I need to try and get some of the data off (mainly pictures, movies & music). So much fun.

Anyway, here's some stolen photos that represent some of what I would have posted if my computer wasn't being lame.

On Thursday the kids stayed over with their cousins and had a ball while Lynette and I went out to dinner and a movie.

Friday, after sleeping in a bit and getting breakfast, we picked up the kids. We played a little bit, ran some errands, did some household chores, and spent way too much money on fireworks.

Saturday morning was our neighborhood breakfast which was good fun. After breakfast, the kids ran through the sprinklers for a bit while Lynette and I kept tidying around the house.

Around noon, we went to Winegar's for a little fair they had going on that Cinderella told us about. Julia was stoked to see the princess and get a flower balloon. The boys played some of the games and won guns and swords. They had a giant inflatable slide that the kids had fun with. And they also had a salmon throwing contest. When we left, Lynette and I were tied for first place, but we never got called so apparently we didn't win. Still, it was fun to toss around a big ol' salmon.

That evening we had my family over for a barbecue and then lit fireworks that night with our family and some neighbors. Jason got 6 tank fireworks and had fun setting them up to destroy each other or other fireworks.

All in all, it was a pretty good holiday. I'll hopefully get my computer back up and running this week so we can upload some actual holiday pictures.

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