Thursday, February 05, 2009

A great literary podcast

As I think I mentioned a few weeks ago, I found my long lost iPod. As a result, I've been listening to a variety of podcasts on my daily commute. I recently discovered a favorite.

B.J. Harrison hosts the weekly "Classic Tales" podcast. Not only does he have a very intriguing voice (a must when listening to audio-books, etc.), but he fills the narration with plenty of emotion and the dialog with fun and unique characterization. His classic tales Podcast includes short stories as well as selections from novels and (in a few cases) entire novels themselves (I just finished listening to Alice in Wonderland which included a number of great voices).

I highly recommend this podcast to lovers of literature. His choices are beyond the "standard" gamut of literature that somebody might select...which I rather enjoy. Over the past few weeks I've heard obscure (at least to me) selections from F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Dickens and H. G. Wells as well as lesser known authors. Each podcast is approximately an hour and is very professional in its production. He also has for purchase a handful of unabridged audio-books (which I've yet to purchase, though I might by Tarzan to listen to while we're reading it in my lit class this spring).

Go check it out and let me know what you think. And if you have other podcasts you think I might enjoy based on my love of this one, let me know.

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