Friday, February 06, 2009


OK, so I'm very intrigued and excited about the new movie Coraline that comes out today. (Check out the website, it's got lots of cool stuff) I'm a little worried that it might be a little too creepy for my kids which means I might not see it until video.

Is anybody else excited about this film? Has anybody seen it? If you've seen it, what do you think about its "fright" level for younger kids?

EDIT: Adding a Coraline-inspired image:


Barry said...

I've just a look at the trailer and see why you might be concerned.

Neither of my daughters, who have young children have mentioned the film, so (sadly) I have no help to offer.

Alan said...

the film reads: rated PG for thematic elements, scary images, some language and suggestive humor

I say take them. I've seen people bring kids into more frightening films, Dark Knight, before with no problems. No crying, no clinging to the parents, nothing.


Brii333 said...

oooooh yes, i have WANTED to see it for forever, sadly, i have not seen it.
i'd say it depends on what kind of kids your children are. if they have been known to cry at movies, don't take them. i know when i was little, i couldn't have handled it. i was afraid of freaking Beetlejuice. (i like the movie now, though)

Gus said...

We will see this movie because it is Tim Burton.
Piper saw it on Friday with a friend and her family and LOVED it. She is nearly 8. She wasn't frightened at all - or so she says.
Teague loves morbid stuff, he's nearly 6. We were one of the parents that took him to Dark Knight and he was fine. His favorite movies are Nightmare Before Christmas (his very favorite) and Corpse Bride.
We say DO IT, take them.

Okie said...

Thanks for all the helpful comments. I think my 9 year old boy could handle it and would definitely love it. My 4 year old girl would almost definitely get freaked out, so I'll have to preview it for her first.

The one I'm not sure what to do with is my middle boy...7 years old. Last summer he got a bit scared during Spiderwick and I spent the rest of the movie in the arcade with him until mom took him home. He loves Monster House and has fun with other creepy books and videos. I think I'll have to preview it for him first.