Sunday, December 21, 2008

Review - Wayside School is Falling Down

Wayside School is Falling DownThanks again to Cindy for introducing my kids and I to this series. We're absolutely loving it. We just finished Wayside School is Falling Down reading one story/chapter each night. I personally liked this book's stories a bit more than the first book. Each of the stories was a little bit longer than in the first book and they also went even farther along the creativity continuum in terms of using new and intriguing storytelling elements.

As with Sideways Stories from Wayside School, each chapter (with a notable exception) was a self contained story with its own humorous description of some interaction with the students at the school. Sachar went above and beyond his previous endeavor by taking the strange perceptions of students and faculty at the school even farther than before.

I loved the story told in reverse and the Twilight-Zone-esque use of the "19th story." The characters each received added depth and fun new treatment. Themes carried throughout the entire book were done so more prominently (such as Mark Miller aka Benjamin Nushmutt).

While the stories are a lot of fun just as humorous and ridiculous anecdotes, they're also great opportunities for discussion with kids about different themes.

Once again, we've enjoyed our journey through the stories of Wayside School and I'm sure we'll pick up the third book and see just how Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger.

4 stars

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I love his books!