Sunday, October 05, 2008

Surgery, Sleep, Reading

Well, after a bunch of tests due to various painful and annoying symptoms, Lynette made it in for surgery on Friday to have her Gall Bladder removed. Everything went "routine" with the surgery (aside from a brief moment where she apparently stopped breathing) and we went home the same day. Once home, we found that Lynette has an unpleasant reaction to Percocet (sp) gives her trouble the point of being scary. Fortunately, we had some "leftover" pain pills due to the symptoms from the past few weeks, so she was able to get through the weekend and we'll get a different prescription today. Saturday night also marked a bit of excitement as we woke at 1 in the morning to strong, sharp, compressing pain in the chest/heart area. Despite being doped up with pain pills for her surgery, the chest pain was excruciating. So, we called in an emergency sitter (thanks Mom) and rushed up to the ER where she was given a couple of EKGs, blood tests and some new meds. Fortunately, there was no evidence of a heart attack. And when one of the meds seemed to help, the diagnosis was given of an 'esophageal spasm'...basically, her throat was constricting and seizing in a strange type of acid reflux due to changes in the body after surgery. After a few hours, we were home again for a little sleep before the kids got up.

Through all the excitement, I've made some great progress on my book reading for my goal of 50 for the year as well as some reading for school. I finished (started and finished in some cases) 3 books as well as half a dozen 'tales' from Canterbury Tales. I'm also a hundred pages into The Book Thief. Who says hospital waiting rooms can't be productive? ;)

Anyway, all is going well now and Lynette is well on her way to recovery.

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Kevin said...

Oh dear.
Give our best to Lynette. I hope she recovers quickly and fully.