Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Presidential "Match-o-Matic"

Unsure who to vote for? This quiz takes some of the standard "issues" and presents some quotes from each candidate. Pick your favorite 'sound bites' and see which candidate you best align with.

Let me preempt the rest of this post with the note that I hate talking about politics and it took a lot of self-fighting to decide to post this at all. I've grown far to cynical about American politics. At the same time, I'd rather live here than anywhere else (politically, at least...there are plenty of locations that hold aesthetic appeal)

The quiz results were fairly close for me, but tipped slightly in a couple of issues.

The big problem with this quiz for me is the selection of the quotes. All of the candidates have flip-flopped their opinions again and again to the point that I honestly have no true idea where any candidate stands for certain on any issue. Which is sort of the way American politics has become...politicians sway their opinions frequently. That could be good if they were swaying to meet the changing views of the citizens under their jurisdictions. But unfortunately, they are swaying opinions based solely on their selfish desires for more money or more power or both. McCain and Obama are both flip-flopping depending on their audience and their desire to get to the White House regardless of what they say. Once there, I have no doubt that they'll flip-flop the way other politicians do, following the path most lucrative for their own pockets.

I'm so sick of the ridiculous amount of pork barreling that goes on with every bit of legislation. I'm fed up with bills passing or failing based on the amount of pork hiding under the covers. I'm sick of the poor tragic millionaires both in politics and in business being the ones who make the decisions when in fact they couldn't care less about the 80%+ of the American population who will have to suffer the most adverse affects of their choices.

What happened to government "by the people" and "for the people." Instead, we have a "more for me" attitude with a little "American populus be damned" on the side.

I think I'll be writing in my votes this fall, since neither party has presented a viable option I can bank on. Not that it matters much anyway since I'm casting my ballot from Utah, home of the blanket Republican voters.

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