Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stabbed in the butt

Who knew that a painted curb could be such a danger?

This morning I was walking across campus on my way to class. I was cutting across a parking lot between my car and my class. I stepped off the asphalt and onto the curb. The curb was a no-parking zone covered with red paint. Nearby the wet grass and discolored sidewalk showed that the sprinklers had recently watered the grass.

Little did I know that the water had also moistened the curb and turned it into a veritable ice sheet.

As I placed my weight on my foot, my leg buckled and I went down hard. One leg skidded onto the wet grass while the rest of me slammed onto the asphalt and the curb. As I pressed myself up, I noticed a strange pain that was unusual for a simple fall.

Reaching to my hip, I found that my bag with my keys had spun around to my hip and one of my keys had actually poked through the bag....and then through my back pocket of my jeans and a quarter of an inch into my skin/hip/butt. I pulled the key out and was shocked at how securely it had lodged itself.

I walked into the Union building and found a bathroom where I looked in the mirror to see a small pool of blood forming around a puncture wound. Not a pretty sight.

A few hours later, my hip is still very tender and I've noticed an instinctual tendency to limp. Kind of annoying. Ouch.


Josh Moore said...

I'd say "what a pain in the butt", but that'd make it feel like I wasn't sympathetic. Oh wait. Sorry buddy...hope you're ok? Did you just put pressure on it to stop bleeding? Lisa hyper-extended her knee at the U a few times from ice up there.

Jenece said...

HEHE!! Men can be clumsy too!

Okie said...

lol...true. Though even at my clumsiest, I'm usually better than this.