Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Assassin's Creed Prequel coming to DS

OK, so check the link. ( it...not only is it cool, but the more people who check it out get me into a contest for a cool prize *grin*).

For those who haven't heard me spouting about Assassin's Creed, let me spout now. Assassin's Creed is a great game. I didn't play 'every' game that came out last year...or even see them all. But based on the few reviews I read of other "killer" games and the few I've played, I'd put Assassin's Creed up there for my personal "game of the year" award.

So go check the link for the newly announced prequel for the DS...go ahead...I'll wait.

*** let me just tell you that I think this is going to be a great addition. Based on what's been done on next-gen consoles, I suspect that the DS gameplay and storyline is going to be stellar. The Assassin's Creed world is incredibly immersing and creative. Even though you play as an Assassin, for those with weaker stomachs or just no desire for it, there is an option to tone down/turn off the blood, which is nice. Granted, the game leaves it open for you to play it how you would like, and for me, an assassin means stealth. So most of my kills have been fairly non-gratuitously-violently-bloody.

Yes, the game does have spurts of blood that and interactions that can make you cringe. Yes, there are scenes of violence that make you wince. The game is set during the 12th century crusades...not a happy time to live. Honestly, most of the worst violence I've seen thus far has NOT been inflicted by the character I play, but rather by the vile people you're sent to assassinate.

What's especially sad (to some extent) is how much research the design team did. A lot of the violent episodes portrayed are quite likely very similar to things that truly happened. I love historical insight like this...even when it is disturbing to see just how cruel people were in different little respect they had for humanity. To me, I can get the same gut wrenching feeling watching blatant/bloody violence as I can get watching movies about how people were treated during times of slavery, or how women and children were often treated in ages gone by, or the sort of racist behavior from the holocaust or other times gone by. What's even more sad to me is that we have similar types of violence going on today right under our noses...the sorts of things that will disgust us in movies twenty years from now.

Anyway, check out the link for the DS the very least check it out to get me some bonus points. :)


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