Monday, December 10, 2007's done

Well...I managed to push through another semester. I dropped one class so I only ended up with 3...a "Teaching and Learning" 101 class, an "Educational Psychology" class and a "Spanish" class (culture and civilizations of Latin America). From the start I had no worries about my teaching/education courses. The syllabuses (I tried to make it plural with syllabi, but spellcheck yelled at me) for them was straightforward and they both ended up being more busywork than anything. The Spanish class also looked fairly straightforward...however, it was an online course with no official due dates for anything other than the end of the semester. That proved to be my downfall.

By midterm, I was fine in my education courses...I was able to get through with "A" work without even cracking the books. However, I had only done one assignment in Spanish and was sitting at about 0.5% which isn't the greatest grade. By Thanksgiving, I had pulled my Spanish completion up to about 10% but I still had miles to go, and by then I only had ~1.5 weeks left.

However, crunching through assignment after assignment in Spanish, I actually managed to finish nearly everything. And thus far, the only grade that has been officially posted is my "A-" for Spanish. Quite the comeback I dare say. My T&L course is a solid "A" and my Ed Psych class could range anywhere from "B+" to "A" depending on how things fall out for the last paper.

All in all, not a bad semester.

Next semester moves back into the "English" genre of classes with upper level Creative Writing and Literature courses being the mainstay. I'm looking forward to it...but first, I'm looking forward to a bit of a break.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats buddy. It's so funny how we intended to do all the work early and just be finished with the class, then realize how good those intentions were two months ago :)

Take advantage of the break.