Friday, December 07, 2007

Finals "week"

Another semester is rapidly rolling to a close and I'm officially done with 2 of my 3 classes (unless I decide to do some extra credit for one of them). In my Teaching course, I'm sitting at a solid A. My Educational Psych class I'm sitting between a B+ and an A- (which is almost motivation to do the extra credit assignment...still debating).

The one class I still have major work left is my online Spanish class which I totally procrastinated this semester. Up until about Thanksgiving, I was sitting at about 10% completion for the class. That's the hazard of the "at your own pace" classes. I'm now up to about 70% (around 380/540). Once the instructor pops in "participation" points I can get another 25 points (maximum, somehow I suspect I won't get full credit for participation since I didn't do anything for the first 2 months). The final chunk comes from my online final that I need to do. The final is 2 hours online...40 points coming from an essay question and the remaining 60 from multiple choice. I'm not exactly dreading the final since really I only need to get ~50 points in order to ensure a B in the class...but I'd rather do better than that and push myself up to at least B+ or A- territory. So tonight after our ward Christmas party, I need to buckle down and do 2 hours of Spanish test taking. Wish me luck.

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