Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Movin' on Up...a 'new' job

Well, as some of you know already and now the rest of you will too...I just recently changed my work status.

Since January, I've been doing contract work for FranklinCovey. A couple of weeks ago, my manager accepted a new job and has moved on to work as Director of Web Development at BookWise. His leaving opened up a permanent position at FranklinCovey and I have stepped into the role of QA Manager following in the well defined footsteps he has established. Thanks Kevin for helping set the foundation for a very smooth transition.

The past couple of weeks have been extra busy. In addition to making the transition for "individual contributor" to managing a team, I've also started fall semester at school and picked up some additional QA contracts on an independent contracting business that I've been working on...Okie Enterprises. As long as I can keep on top of everything, the opportunities there should only grow as well. :)

Family life has been busy and exciting as well...with a second grader going back, a Kindergartener starting up and a princess starting a dance class, our house has been hecticly fun.

Anyway, I'll try to update again before long (it's been a while). I'm also hoping/planning to make some progress on my story this weekend.



Kevin said...

Congrats! You are the right man for the job.
Good luck! I have a 'feeling' you're gonna need it ;)

Kevin said...

Hey, now I know who the guy is in the BookWise ad on your page. Hah! How funny. It's Barry Evans, Rick's Brother. :)