Tuesday, September 11, 2007

BookWise excitement on the horizon!!!

In a little over a month, BookWise will be hosting its first annual AuthorWise Bestseller's Conference and BookWise Convention.

These are two separate events. The second (the Convention) is a premium *pay* event only for BookWise associates. It will be filled with some great speakers (including Henry Winkler) and training as well as a party (featuring a mini-concert from Smashmouth). It should be a lot of fun. If you were wondering about a good time to join BookWise, this is it. There are going to be some great announcements at the convention that are really going to shake things up...plus you get to attend an exclusive concert. ;)

The Bestseller's Conference is a little different. It's a free event though not entirely open to the public. There will be some public sessions open to students and educators in the area but a large portion of the event will be ticketed. BookWise associates receive free tickets to the event for themselves along with tickets to share with others. If you're going to be in Salt Lake in mid-October (18th & 19th) and would like a ticket, let me know and I'll try to hook you up. The conference will include training sessions with best selling authors, publicists and agents to help give you a better idea of life in the world of books and how an "aspiring author" can break into the industry. Some of the obvious authors attending are Richard Paul Evans and Robert Allen (both BookWise founders). The rest of the list is still in flux, but some that have been confirmed are: Mark Victor Hansen, Marc Brown, Cindy Cashman, Sean Covey, John Daly, Richard and Linda Eyre, Heather Graham, Mark Ludy, Brandon Mull, Carla Neggers, Antonio Sacre, and Harry Turtledove. (* list subject to change...I am NOT a corporate rep of BookWise and have no authority in identifying who will actually be there and who won't)

I'm super excited about some of the announcements I've heard rumored to come in the next month as well as the fun filled time I'm ready to have at the Bestseller's Conference and BookWise Convention.

Come join the fun!!! :)

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