Monday, November 13, 2006

Bond...James Bond

I still have mixed feelings about the new Bond, but I am still very excited to see the movie and judge for myself. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, this Friday the new Bond movie comes out...shame on you for not knowing that. ;) OK...just kidding.

A link was sent to me earlier that has proved to be a very entertaining bit of time wasting. Compiled here, you'll find YouTubed versions of the movie trailers for ALL previous Bond films. It's a rather entertaining watch. I can honestly (and without shame) say I've seen most of them, but I have missed a few (and intend to rectify that sometime in the not too distant future).

So, as you have some time, take a gander at the bond trailers over the years.

Sadly, I might not end up getting out to see Casino Royale this weekend (too much going on already), but I hope to see it by next weekend. So if anybody sees it before hand, please give me a review. :) Not that a bad review will stop me from seeing it, but I'm curious as to what people think. :)

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