Friday, September 01, 2006

Circuit City fleecing Xbox 360 buyers

This article exposes another example of how Circuit City has no respect for their customers and only cares about the almighty buck (as a side note, from my experience, you could easily add names like "Best Buy", "Office Max", or any other "tech"/"electronics" "superstore" they all seem to have the same attitudes about the customers).

It seems Circuit City is graciously offering a special service to new purchasers of an Xbox 360. For a mere $28, they'll install backwards compatibility on your new Xbox 360...nevermind that the backwards compatibility is a free download to the Xbox via Xbox Live or can be obtained by asking MS for a disk if you don't have access to live...Nevermind that the backwards compatibility code is expanding every week or so to include new games...Just blindly give them your money and enjoy your games.

Grrrr...I hate stupid people...and I hate people who take advantage of stupid people (I met an elderly woman a few years ago who was still RENTING her telephone from the phone company...because that's how she'd done it ever since she got her phone a hundred years ago or whatever....the phone company never bothered to tell her that she could now purchase a phone and stop paying them the $4/month...crazy stupid)

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