Wednesday, August 30, 2006

AoE3x Review...or, an exploration into uninterested jouranlism

I've been an "Age of Empires" fan for many years. I've followed the series and invested in each version and the expansions. Most recently, this game has reminded me that it's about time to start thinking about upgrading my 3 year old computer.

However, some folks don't tend to enjoy the Real Time Strategy genre.

For reviewers (of anything, not just games), there will be times they have to actually review a product that they don't necessarily believe in. Most of the times, the reviewers try to lie their way through and provide an unbiased response. Most of the time, however, you can usually find their dislike dripping from the words like juice from a perfect peach.

This reviewer decided to take a different stance. Instead of bumbling along and providing details that he doesn't understand or care about, this reviewer exposes the discomfort felt in the situation and tries to recover. The humor laced within this review is great fun. Surely he could have tried to pull the wool over our eyes and drone on and on about the new tribes and their various new units/buildings/technologies, attempting to put some false excitement on the page.

This article is a great example of TRUE HONESTY in journalism. You don't get that much...especially not in "reviews"...and without honesty in reviews, what use are they?

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