Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sony to sell products in automated kiosks

Well, Sony is experimenting with selling products in automated vending machines kiosks. The article doesn't say what sort of products they plan to sell and the image is small enough that it's tough to identify things specifically. In order to distinguish themselves from the DVD and CD kiosks that already exist, I would have to speculate that they'll actually be selling higher profile products like CD players, DVD players, etc. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

If anybody's in Santa Rosa, Ca., Atlanta or Boulder, Colorado, and happens to see one, let me know what they're selling in these things...I'd also wonder if the price point would be higher or lower than standard retail or Internet sales.


Kevin said...

If they actually want to make money they should sell iPods ;)
Judging from their latest foray into the MP3 market they aren't going to do very well with their own designs.

Okie said...

According to a NYTimes article, it looks like they will include MP3 players as well as Digital Cameras, flash memory and video/music from their library.