Thursday, June 08, 2006

Following the "Tycoon" game genre to its logical conclusion

Well, THIS FORTHCOMING GAME has followed the "Tycoon" genre to its logical conslusion.

This further cements my opinion that creativity is waning around the world of entertainment media. Movies, games, music...most of the time, they are all rehashed ideas either entirely or in part. How many more movie remakes do we many more old TV shows need to be put up on the silver screen. How many more "new" racing games, shooters, "tycoon" games do we really need.

Seldom do they do anything really exciting or revolutionary with these least they might be more redeamable if they could actually add some cool new depth to the world by rehashing an overdone concept.

Oh well, here's hoping the future will bring innovation. Until then, I'm glad I've got my old NES working again. ;)

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