Monday, June 09, 2014

The latest in my irregular blog updates

Row, row, row your blog, gently through the Interwebs.

So it’s been another couple of months since my last posts. Real life just keeps getting in the way of fun hobbies and pastimes. Sorry about that.

Here’s a 30 second list of highlights and lowlights since my last posts:
  • Youngest child turns 10 years old amid some celebration…but sadly we’ve still been too busy to have a birthday party for her (though she did just get a cool new bed and a fresh coat of paint in her bedroom)
  • Oldest son hospitalized with RSV and Pneumonia compounded with crazy Allergy and Asthma flare up
  • I spent a couple of days learning new games and just solidly board gaming at SaltCon (Northern Utah’s board game convention)
  • Celebrated my two boys earning their next rank advancements in Boy Scouts
  • Watched a bunch of “end of school year” programs and concerts as my kids finished up another successful year of classes
  • Enjoyed the fun art at our city’s “chalk art festival”
  • Reveled in the joy of years gone by at the Utah Renaissance Festival
  • Hiked around the foothills of our community
  • Took the boys out for our annual community Father and Sons campout
  • Repaired a bunch of sprinkler heads and otherwise started cleaning up the yard for summer
  • Watched highlights of the road to the World Cup…Goooooooalll!

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Brian Miller said...

camp out sounds fun...and sounds like you have a life full of good things so far...