Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thanks for 17 amazing years!

Seventeen years ago today I became the luckiest man in the world by marrying my best friend forever. She's had to put up with so much lameness and garbage from me over the years and she always loves me and supports me and helps me however she can.  She understands my quirks and eccentricities.  We help each other learn and grow and make the most out of life.  She's helped raise 3 fabulous children with great values and standards. She deals with the drudgery of housework, yard work and other tedium like a champ. She makes me smile when I'm down and helps me see things clearly when life gets muddled.

I love all the wonderful happy memories we've created over the past 17 years and I look forward to making many many more memories to last forever.

Thank you for loving me. I love you forever and always.

Happy Anniversary Sweetie! xoxo

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Brian Miller said...

smiles...happy anniversary...and congrats...a beautiful thing when love endures...i love the jumping pic too..ha