Monday, July 09, 2012

Book Review - Darth Vader and Son

Normally I save my reviewing for longer books but this book was so much fun I just had to make a plug to help get the word out. Darth Vader and Son was recommended to me by Brian Miller when I was reading another "Dad" book ("Dad Rules.").

Darth Vader and Son is a cute and fun ~60 page art/comic book. While the book doesn't have a particular plot arc that it follows, it has great storytelling moments that are portrayed fabulously. As the title implies, this book is about the interactions of Darth Vader and his son. (For the 1% of you who aren't up on Star Wars lore…be aware that this book poses some pretty blatant spoilers, though I think the spoiler grace period there ended in the early 80s).

In the book, Luke Skywalker is a young (5-8 year old?) boy wandering the universe with his dad…the intimidating Darth Vader. The scenes range from endearingly sweet to laugh out loud hilarious. Aside from the blatant relation to the Star Wars universe, there are a bunch of more subtle nods to lesser known elements.

The art style is solid and a lot of fun. The author (Jeffrey Brown) has a website where you can get a glimpse of his art style and find links to his other work. I haven't read or seen anything else by him but my whole family has enjoyed reading through Darth Vader and Son. Even though we've all read it, my kids love holding the book in front of another family member with a "Lookit! Lookit!" to get us giggling again at the fun juxtaposition of the powerful Darth Vader and a cute little Luke.

This is a fun little read for any Star Wars fan who is willing to poke a little fun at the universe. Great for parents, kids or just kids at heart.

4 out of 5 stars

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Brian Miller said...

this is an amazing book...i laughed so hard at some...i got it for fathers day....was very cool...

logankstewart said...

Oh my. This is a book that I must obtain one of these days. Perhaps if my next child is a son. Or maybe my daughter'll be okay with it too, cause hey, STAR WARS!

Thanks for sharing.

Phoenix said...

That sounds awesome! The only Star Wars fans I know that have kids are girls, so maybe they'll just add some pigtails to the Luke pictures ;)