Thursday, February 09, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun and doing other stuff

First of all…Happy New Year 2012!!! I just had to get that off my chest. I may do an official "new year's" post with goals and all that, but for now, let's just move on.

It's been about 6 weeks since my last blog post. Interestingly I still managed to have ~300 hits to various blog pages, so at least I can be glad that I had something up to keep people busy. But I fear I may have lost some of my half dozen "faithful" readers. Hopefully somebody's still lurking around. ;)

Anyway, the past many weeks have been crazy busy both with work (which has just been a whirlwind all over the place) and with family.

We had a moderately low key New Year's festival with board games, movies, video games and kids throwing confetti around the living room. It was good family fun.

As I think I mentioned a while ago, my wife recently had hip surgery to fix some pain and problems and so she was down and out through most of the holiday season. In many ways this was somewhat refreshing as it limited the amount of chaotic running around that we did. She's continuing to heal but when she went in for her "supposed to be final" post-op session with the Doctor in January, an X-Ray revealed a hairline fracture (not a crack..not a break…a fracture, the doctor was very clear on this point, to which my wife referenced a favorite quote from Sahara - 'we don't like to say plague'). The crack…er, fracture…required her to go back on crutches and take it easy for a few more weeks. This was a huge blow and really spun things around. Fortunately she's doing better and will hopefully be off and running (or at least walking briskly) very soon.

In addition to the excitement of recovering from surgery, January is normally a very busy time around our house anyway. Between our immediate household, our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, our family celebrates a dozen or more birthdays (including my son and myself) in the month of January (wrapping in as well those from the ~last week of December and the ~first week of February).

On my wife's side (where most of the birthdays happen), we have one big family get together to celebrate everyone (adults and kids). On my side, we celebrate each birthday mostly distinctly. The kids also have their own birthday parties (which many teams we go to as well). So all in all, January marks a month of probably as much family togetherness as the Thanksgiving--Christmas season (sometimes more). It's a lot of fun…but very busy.

This year was especially exciting for my little family as my oldest son just turned 12 which means he officially "graduates" from Primary at Church and I got to ordain him a Deacon and see him move into the Young Men program. He's been super excited about the move. Last summer he was able to go with the Young Men on their summer camp and other activities. It's weird to think he's grown up so much since I can still distinctly remember him being a tiny baby…but I guess that's part of being a parent…watching time go by too fast.  Since he turned 12, he's already helped pass the Sacrament, collect Fast Offerings, gone on an overnight campout and played Church Basketball...he's loving it.  Happy Birthday Jason!!!   :)

Wow…when I look back at this post, the past ~6 weeks don't "seem" all that busy. But that's largely because I'm summing them up so briefly. Part of it could also be that it maybe wasn't so busy as it was exhausting which left me just drained many of the days and thus feeling like the days went by in a blur between attempts to sleep.

Whatever the case, it's been a fun and exciting month. I feel bad for neglecting my blog (as in many ways it serves as a personal "journal" but also as a fun outlet for me to share my opinions about things I enjoy). I look forward to getting back into some regular blog posting and to catching up on the many blogs I haven't read over the past many weeks.

To any faithful readers still around…thanks for hanging out. To any new readers…welcome, I hope you'll enjoy your stay. And to the rest of you, you're probably not reading this anyway, but you should be. :)

More posts coming soon.

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Phoenix said...

I'm still here! Still lurkin' :)

Happy birthdays all around to you and your family members... and I hope your wife recovers quickly. If I were on crutches, I'd probably go stir-crazy.

Here's to a wonderful February as well for you :)