Friday, July 01, 2011

Cub Camp, Girl's Camp, Golf, BBQs and more fun in June...

WARNING: This post is image heavy. :)

Wow…this summer is flying by. I can't believe June is already gone. Generally, summer has been fairly relaxing so far. i did a little golfing, went to a few family get togethers and birthday parties, went to a neighborhood BBQ, a piano concert at the Salt Lake library, played a bunch of board games, took in some theater at the park and went to a baseball game for our local Minor League team. Overall though, the month was a lot less eventful than we had originally planned it to be.

Unfortunately this "low key" nature has been spurred on due to Lynette having some medical issues that left her on bed rest for the month of June. On the times the kids and I did go out and do something without her, it really sucked to have to leave her behind. She's doing a bit better now and (with a recent visit to the doc) will hopefully be "up and atom" soon but she'll still have to take it easy. We just hope she'll be up for a bit more fun in July and August.

As a recap of June, probably my biggest, most interesting and press-worthy extra-curricular events were:
  1. Father & Sons Campout (which I already mentioned briefly in an earlier post along with a video slideshow)
  2. A training for work down at Sundance Resort
  3. A trip to Cub Camp with Andrew and other members of his Pack
  4. and a couple of days at Girl's Camp (for which I had no girls going but was there as support)

Without further ado, enjoy this random assortment of pics from our various adventures in June. Images in no particular order and with no captions.

(NOTE: To parents, kids and leaders from the camps...if you want access to the full online albums of pictures I took, just let me know...these are just a random sampling.)

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