Friday, December 03, 2010

Zany Global News - Man marries dog; Woman owns sun; Swimmers Show their Patriotism

OK...Utah has its share of interesting news stories. But this week, the most interesting news stories I came across were from overseas.

First, a man in Australia has apparently legally married his dog. in "I now pronounce you man and pooch."

This link is just a photo essay...does anybody know anything about the full veracity or scenario surrounding this? Was it a bet? A dare? Some staged stunt? Or did he legitimately get a preacher to help him tie the knot with his canine companion?


Next up comes from Spain where a woman has "laid claim to the sun". She's following some of the precedent and legalities of a semi-recent entrepreneur who gained rights to our Moon and began selling acreage to willing buyers. Apparently this woman has no (current) intention of selling of chunks of the sun, but she wants to charge people to "use her property." I'm not sure of the ins-and-outs of what she's trying to do...whether she wants to charge people for their use of solar power or if she plans on setting up a time share plan for people to go visit. Either way, I'm sure it's the kind of lofty plan you get when you aim for the stars. ;)

And finally, one from last week but worth sharing for those who haven't seen it already. The Singapore Information Ministry has "rebuked" its water polo team for their choice of swim trunks at this year's Asian Games. They thought they would be patriotic by placing the moon and stars from the Singapore flag on their speedos. Allegedly, nobody realized there was anything "inappropriate" looking of the placement of said "moon" until it was too late to do anything about it.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Man marries pooch... I always knew that was the next step.
And as long as those trunks don't reveal a 'full moon' we'll be all right!

Matthew MacNish said...

Reach for the stars - LOL! OH MY GOD that was good. Thanks Okie.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

So we've got a man marrying his dog (scary), a woman buying the sun (strange) and three dudes with slow-on-the-uptake swimsuit designers (disturbing).

I believe you've covered it all! :)

Farah B. said...

Hi Okie, thanks for your feedback :D and that is some hilarious news, seems like the world is getting weirder by the day.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

This was too funny! Thanks for visiting my blog. I will be back to read more.

Southpaw said...

This are truly weird stories. The marriage has got to be a prank, the woman owning the sun has got to be nuts, and the Speedos - well that was poor judgment.

Southpaw said...

Crude, I think my post has some grammar issues. Shhh, just pretend you don't see them.

Unknown said...

Man marries pooch... poor dog.

I got a kick out of the second two though. Didn't that lady realize that *I* have already laid claim to the sun? I can feel a lawsuit coming on. ;)

DEZMOND said...

wonder if I could own Saturn? I promise I would be a good owner ;)