Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Some random bits of fun for your Halloween enjoyment.

Happy Halloween everybody.

Whatever your plans…have a horrifically safe and fun holiday.

Myself, I'll be taking the kids to a "trunk or treat" and then out Trick-or-Treating the neighborhood.

I'll try to bust out a few 'horror' themed board games (Fearsome Floors, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Vampire Hunter, etc.) and maybe a couple of family friendly spooky movies.

Looking forward to some spooky fun.

First, a quick video from National Geographic on the history of Halloween.

Then a couple of fun movie clips from some H.P. Lovecraft fan flicks

And finally, what's Halloween without a little Danny Elfman?

Happy Halloween!!!


Brian Miller said...

wow. that last pic is amazing...hope you have a great halloween

Larissa said...

That's just what I was going to say. That last picture is so cool!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Last image is cool.
And what's 'trunk or treat?'

Okie said...

"Trunk or treat" involves 'trick or treating' in a parking this case, it's our local church though they're also doing it at a grocery store up the road and another grocery store across town. Basically the people back their cars in and decorate their trunks and the kids wander from car to car collecting candy. Allows for a quick and easy way to make a good haul while also being in a safe environment.

Nate Wilson said...

Hope you had a great Halloween! Did you break out Fearsome Floors or Betrayal at House on the Hill? I've played both only once each, but I did enjoy them. (In the latter, I summoned Death, and was on the brink of victory when he doomed me by losing at chess.)

Okie said...

Thanks all.

@Nate - We did end up playing a few games of Fearsome Floors with the kids. Lots of fun. My oldest son had fun trying to sabotage us by luring the monster in. Good times. We didn't get around to's a little beyond their age range right now.