Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One-day-Sale - Cool iPhone/iPod application - Great Work, Great Career

A few weeks ago I read and reviewed the book 'Great Work, Great Career.'

I felt like the book had plenty of great information, suggestions and advice and it came at a very relevant time. The job industry has gone through major upheaval in the past decade…even in the past few years/months. This book really provides some great reading to help work through those changes.

Anyway, in addition to the book, FranklinCovey has developed an iPhone (or iPod Touch) application that builds on the content presented in the book. I know we've all read books like this and made notes or nodded our heads and thought "those are great ideas….someday I'll try to implement them." Well, this iPhone app takes some of these ideas and wraps them into a nice interface where you can begin to put them into practice.

It's a cool application with sections for "Know Your Strength" which includes self assessments to help find your own strengths), "Define Your Contribution" (including tools to help match your strengths to your career prospects), "Build Your Village" (tools and advice for networking your career relationships), and a number of "Resources" and "Action Center" tools to help you along the way. There are also a number of FranklinCovey videos to reinforce the content.

All in all, this is a pretty cool application.

As an added bonus, I just received word that they as an incentive to try and get the word out, FranklinCovey is offering this application at nearly 50% off the standard price.

Today only (April 13, 2010), you can use this link to get more information and purchase the app for only $2.99! Even if you're not job hunting now, the tools and resources can help you improve your skills and reputation at your current job. Feel free to pass the link to friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc….anybody you think may benefit from this.

In addition to the information available from the link above, you can use this link to view a video presentation of some of the features. The video may require installing a plugin to fully view it. I'm looking for an embeddable and/or youtube version of the video.

Whether or not you decide to purchase, you should at least click over to the site and check out the information.

Let me know what you think.

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