Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

In honor of the famed V-day, I've (finally) scanned my wedding pictures (I think we're missing some so sorry if you were excluded) and made the handy slideshow shown below. For the big day, Lynette and I had a lovely dinner at the Texas Roadhouse followed by a night out to the Temple and topped off with some classic board gaming. The counter has some lovely fresh flowers and we exchanged gifts (great minds thought alike and we got each other some fun new books).

Happy Valentine's Day lovey dovey! We've shared 14 wonderful V-days together so far...I'm looking forward to many, many more! :)


Mari said...

Happy Valentine's Day

Josh Moore said...

Hooray - comments are back. Love the slideshow. Now I'm going to be watching our wedding video tonight. 14 V-days - wow! Congrats buddy.

Okie said...

Thanks. :)