Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Great Birthday Weekend

I'll likely add some pictures later, either to this post or to a January wrap-up post. For now, here's a textual update on a great birthday weekend.

For my birthday this year, my goal was to have a relaxed, low-key time of it all. While it wasn't filled with just sitting around or anything like that…the weekend was definitely relaxing.

On Friday night, Lynette and I went out to the new Boondocks up in Kaysville. We did some Laser Tag, rode the go-carts (which was very cold outside at 8 o'clock at night) and played in the arcade. We hit Apollo Burgers on the way home for some greek goodness and then went to bed moderately early.

Saturday we drove out to my aunt/uncle/cousin's house in Grantsville to celebrate my Grandpa's birthday (Happy Birthday Grandpa). It was fun to see a lot of the relatives we really don't see very often. One of my cousins tried her hand at "designer cakes" and made a multi-layer green cake with tees, a flag and a golf ball. It was rad.

Sunday was a day of many church meetings. That evening, my parents and siblings came over for dinner. It was nice to get together with them. After dinner, we played a game of Fearsome Floors and had a lot of fun trying to escape the killer monster in the dungeon.

Monday was my birthday and the U.S. government was kind enough to make it a holiday so I could get the day off. ;)

Monday morning was spent (by me anyway) relaxing, sleeping in and catching up on some reading. In the afternoon, I made a trip to the D.I. and found a couple of great board games to add to my board game collection. That night, we went out to dinner with Lynette's fam at The Spaghetti Factory to celebrate all of the January birthdays on that side. Between our two families, we have a dozen or more family birthdays in January. It's a busy and fun filled month.

All in all, I had a great birthday. I was able to relax a lot, catch up on reading, play some fun games and get out for a fun/whimsical date with Lynette. Definitely a great weekend.

Thanks to everybody for your kind birthday wishes. I'm truly blessed with great family and friends. :)

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