Friday, October 09, 2009

Thanks Boingo - Out of Control

So as I prep to head out early and bring an end to a crazy work week with a number of fires large and small, I set my iPod to shuffle up some good tunes for the drive home.

The first song, one of my favorites that always makes me feel better about the random craziness of life. I don't think I'd ever seen the video. It's interesting to watch. The lyrics and the sound are great though.

So, without further ado, enjoy Out of Control by Oingo Boingo.

Some favorite lines.

I say--don't throw it away
There's about a million reasons why
Though you've heard them all before
And you're getting very tired
Lay your head on my lap and I'll sing you this lullaby

Just soothing, yes?

I say--don't throw it away, you've got too many things to say
If you throw your life, if you throw away your life . . .
The world will never be the same

Great advice..thank you Mr. Elfman.

You're out of control--and you want someone to tell you
When you wake up in the morning it'll only be a dream
And I wish that I could tell you, it'll only be a dream

I can definitely relate...but in the end, it's alright and it's good to know I've got friends and family standing by. :)

As an added bonus, here's another of my favorite Boingo that also has a great sound and great lyrics.


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