Monday, September 14, 2009

Twilight New Moon? I read Twilight back in the day. It wasn't any marvelous piece of literature, but it wasn't total trash either. It wasn't exactly my style of book, so even the first teaser chapter of the second book couldn't really get me into the series with the sort of excitement from my wife and her friends. I naturally never had any real desire to watch the movie (and still don't). I still have yet to read beyond the first chapter of New Moon.

However, they recently put out a new trailer for the next movie and honestly it seems a little more interesting than the first book. It still looks as though it will be filled with some cheesy stereotypical elements and I'm just as unimpressed by the acting in this trailer as I was by the acting from the Twilight trailer. And yet, the story looks as though it may add some depth that could be fun to explore. The 'voltori' (is that right) look to be an interesting addition and could provide a lot of fun tension. It still looks like Bella will be a little too whiny/clingy/annoying for me to fully appreciate her character, but if the tension between the Vampires and their "law" is done well, I might be able to survive watching this movie.

To others out there...what do you think of the Twilight series (whether or not you've actually read and/or watched)? What do you think of this new trailer?

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