Friday, September 04, 2009

Family Mini Golf at Cherry Hill

With the end of summer upon us and school back in session, we made a trek to Cherry Hill for an evening family outing of Mini-Golf.

We'd gone once over the summer and the place was packed. This time, a Monday night during the second week of school, the course was much less crowded. We had one group about 4 holes ahead of us and another group about 4 holes behind us...which was great.

We were able to take our time and let the kids take practice shots, rehits and just relax and have fun. We also didn't have to bide our time and keep everybody under control while waiting for the people ahead of us.

Cherry Hill's mini-golf course has been a favorite spot of mine since I was a young kid. I have tons of nostalgia about the place and loved making those memories now with my own kids.

They had tons of fun hitting the ball into the castles...whether it be the one with three doors to choose from or one of those with the drawbridge or the one with the secret passageways farther up. As always they loved the moving dragon and the loop-dee-loop.

Lynette and I each scored one or two holes-in-one which was pretty fun. The kids each did very well also. I know Andrew and Jason each got a hole-in-one and I think Julia did as well (though it may have been one of those shots that Lynette or I helped her with).

Everybody had a great time and we look forward to doing it again. The only downside was that their Pie Pantry was closed so we couldn't get our traditional ice cream there afterwards...but we drove to Baskin Robbins to make sure we kept the tradition at least partially alive.

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