Monday, June 08, 2009

The Tony Awards - Support your local theatres

To those not keeping up on the theatre scene, you were probably unaware that the Tonys were awarded last night. There were a few years where I watched the awards show and enjoyed them. The last few years have been kind of blah in my opinion, so I haven't really watched the awards. It sounds like last night's show was great though. Apparently Neil Patrick Harris breathed some new life into the show as the new host.

For me, since I haven't usually seen most of the shows nominated, my favorite part of the award show is the highlights from the nominees. They generally show live scenes/numbers from each of the nominees for best play and best musical.

Lately, I haven't been as excited about the shows coming out. In my opinion, we have far too many pop-culture movies turned stage shows. Wedding Singer, Legally Blonde, 9 to 5, Shrek, etc...come on. What's happened to the creativity. Granted, I haven't seen any of these shows, but truly, I don't have any desire to. The movies were decent and had some funny writing and performances, but I don't see them becoming stellar plays.

Granted, there are a lot of great, original plays and musicals that come through, and the Tony awards help highlight that. So while I wasn't familiar with most of the shows on the list, I had a ton of fun watching clips of each of the shows nominated and some of the key performances.

I submitted my ballot of predicted winners...and I WON a local contest. Huzzah! I was actually pretty surprised, but it's still fun to win. My prize? A broadway sampler CD of some sort. Should be fun.

Regardless of what mediocre plays and musicals make it to the stage, there are TONS of great shows produced every year and I take any opportunity I can to support local theatre both community/semi-pro and professional/touring. Salt Lake may not be the hippest, most-happening scene on Broadway's radar, but we get some excellent shows and we have great local talent.

Support your local theatre...go see a stage show this summer!

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