Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Fun

As most of you (hopefully) know, this last weekend was Father's Day. As a dad, that means I get to be doted on by my kids and wife a little bit...which makes me feel a little strange, but is still fun overall.

First of all, even though my dad won't likely see/read this, I want to shout out a huge THANKS to my dad for being a great dad. We didn't get over to see him over the weekend but will be seeing him tonight. In fact, he'll be playing dad/grandpa tonight by working with Jason and I on his saws to shape Jason's Pinewood Derby car for the pack meeting this weekend.

Thanks dad for being a great example and for always being there.

As for my kids, they made me a ton of cute little cards...some with smaller notes tucked inside, some with cute pictures colored on, and others with family photos cut-and-pasted into fun arrangements with fun "we love our family" phrases.

Andrew made me breakfast in bed (my standard bagel & orange juice breakfast) and Julia massaged my back.

There were also gifts given...very unnecessary, but still fun.

Lynette took an old nightshirt (yes, I have nightshirts that I sleep in sometimes) that I had ~15 years ago and absolutely loved (it's got Scar & the Hyenas from The Lion King and includes Scar's phrase "I'm Surrounded by Idiots"). Anyway, the nightshirt was tattered and falling apart from many years of wear & wash. It hasn't been wearable for many years and has just been tucked in a drawer nostalgically. Lynette sewed a new nightshirt and then scanned the images and painted the lettering and made me a brand new nightshirt. It's a trip to wear my old nightshirt again...just like new.

Lynette also found and imported a board game I have been curious about for some time called En Garde. The game is a "fencing" game where each player plays cards to move up and down a fencing track and attempt to score a "hit" against the opponent. It's been re-released with a more simplistic set of components, but the one I was after was the early version which included a board that gets built into a 3-dimensional bridge-like track and includes pewter swordsmen as the playing pieces. Since it was imported, I had to find and download the English rules, but once that was done and after ~10 minutes of figuring out how to set up the 3-d board, we had some fun family time taking turns crossing swords.

Jason, knowing my penchant for board games, decided to make me a game. He cut a shoe box open to lay it flat and then drew a game board on it based on the Monopoly layout. He called it "Adventure Game" and themed it around Indiana Jones and other adventures. It used monopoly style gameplay to navigate your pieces (which could be a jet, a hat, a villain, or a couple of different heroes), around the board to collect or lose money (by finding treasure or getting shot or bit by snakes), buy helpful items (such as a boat, a whip, or a gun) or encounter villains. It was very cute. Hopefully I can keep all the bits together and we can play it from time to time and bring it out again for him when he gets older. I'll have to get a picture of it to post later. :)

Julia wrapped up a couple of her story books for me. They've since made their way back to her bookshelf, but we'll read them together I'm sure. :)

My family truly spoiled me for Father's Day. I try to be a good dad, but it's definitely not easy. I am very blessed by my family and love them very much. They truly are my biggest joy in life. Thanks guys for putting up with me. :)

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