Wednesday, June 03, 2009

B&N Summer Reading Program

Barnes & Noble has a cool summer reading program for elementary aged kids. It's a pretty cool program that allows kids to get a free book from B&N just for reading over the summer.

The gist is this:
  • It's only available to kids in grades 1-6 (kind of a bummer for my Kindergartener, but there's always next year
  • Sometime between now and the end of the summer (actually, Sept. 7), the kids need to read any 8 books they choose
  • The kids fill out a little form with the titles of the 8 books and something they enjoyed about them
  • The kids (and their parents/teachers) take the form to a local Barnes & Nobel and pick up a FREE BOOK (naturally there are a handful of specific books to choose from, but it's still fun)
  • The form also acts as an entry form for the kids to possibly win an autographed copy of the newest/final Percy Jackson adventure (I just started this series and it is pretty fun)
  • The reading journal also has a few activity pages to help the kids think about what books they like and why as well as to brainstorm a story of their own

Overall, it's a pretty fun little program and a nice way to encourage kids to read even when school's out.

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